Bushbalm | Roller Rescue Soothing Serum

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  • Intensive Soothing & Cooling Formula: Introducing Bushbalm roller rescue ingrown hair Serum, crafted with aloe vera and the exfoliating power of AHA/BHA for a refreshing experience. The stainless steel rollerball provides an immediate cooling sensation, leaving your skin rejuvenated after hair removal
  • Dynamic Exfoliation: Expertly infused with a powerful blend of aloe leaf juice and glycolic acid, our serum is designed to smooth uneven skin texture and overall skin tone, revealing a smoother complexion after each application.
  • Tailored for Multiple Skin Concerns: Formulated to address a spectrum of skin concerns - from bumpy skin and dryness to uneven texture and razor bumps. Our roller rescue serum is a comprehensive solution to ingrown hairs and post-hair removal discomfort; can even be a woman’s aftershave.
  • Effortless Application with Maximum Benefits: The roll-on design ensures even distribution on the skin for optimal results. A simple roll-on and massage routine, post-hair removal can enhance your skin's natural beauty, showing your skin’s radiance.
  • Commitment to Clean & Ethical Beauty: Upholding the highest standards of beauty, our serum is proudly vegan, cruelty-free, and devoid of fragrances or alcohol. Furthermore, a pH Balanced formulation ensures an optimal and gentle experience for all skin types.