LAMBERT | The Sacha | Tan | Vegan Leather Unisex Case

LAMBERT | The Sacha | Tan | Vegan Leather Unisex Case

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The SACHA is a comfortable, flexible, and practical vegan leather computer case. Rectangular, the case can carry your 16-inch laptop (measured diagonally across the closed screen). The interior of the SACHA has a soft vegan suede finish to protect your precious computer. Carry your laptop in style and professionalism in complete protection. A true local, cruelty-free, ethical, and luxurious product for a look without faux pas!

SACHA can serve as a:

  1. Computer case

  2. Document case

What makes the SACHA unique:

  1. Its elegant and professional look

  2. Its oh so soft interior coating

The SACHA is perfect for:

  1. Business men and women

  2. Students

  3. Fashionistas



The Sacha can store a laptop computer (up to 16 inches in size when measured diagonally).


26 cm (height) x 36 cm (width)