Like Grandpa | After Shave Splash

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Finally, an alcohol based After Shave for even the most sensitive skin!

Alcohol based After Shave's are a very traditional shaving product. Meant to sanitize, tighten, and close the pores after a great shave. With the addition of witch hazel, aloe juice, and hydration from oils  like jojoba, rosehip and vitamin E, this is a modern take that will not disappoint.

Perfect for individuals who find a balm a little too heavy, have an oily skin profile, or live in areas with higher humidity.

Coming in at a medium scent strength, this is designed to have a lingering smell that other can enjoy, but not be overpowering. A step up in strength from our normal line of products.

No synthetic products here. All natural and a product your skin will love!

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. Empty a small amount between your hands, work together and then pat into you neck and cheeks.