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Blue Light lens technology blocks harmful blue light which helps to reduce eye strain, headaches as well as promote healthy sleeping patterns. Give your eyes a damn break and get some much needed relief!What is Blue Light? 

Blue Light is high-energy light that screens emit.

Why is it bad?

Exposure may lead to eye strain, increased risk of macular degeneration, and sleep cycle disruption.

Positive to Blue Light glasses!

Blockers help reduce eye strain, increase productivity, and sleep better.

How do the Blue Light Glasses work?

Lenses filter 45% of blue light, particularly the highest energy wavelengths of 400-440 nm.

  • Swiss Engineered Thermoplastic Frame Meant to Take a Beating & Light on Your Face
  • 5-Barrel Stainless Steel hinges
  • Set Includes Microfiber Cleaning Cloth / Bag to Keep Your Product Safe & Clean