Paddy Wax | Yin & Yang Collection Scented Candle, 11-Ounce

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Find your zen with these Yin Yang shaped vessels - two compartments filled with complementary fragrances marked by wick color, you can burn them both at once or separately. Yin & Yang encourages slowing down and finding inner peace. This 11-ounce vessel is filled with our Palo Santo and Cade scents. Paddywax's soy-blend wax and cotton wick helps your candle burn beautifully. Trim wick before a new burn for a contained flame and even burn. Made by Paddywax, a Nashville-based company known for creating thoughtfully designed candles; each Paddywax candle is made and sourced intentionally and features a mix of materials, shapes, and unique fragrances to set the scene for beautiful memories made by candlelight.