Pure Heart Essentials | Shower Steamers

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Introducing instant "shower bomb" aromatherapy. Drop a puck in the shower & enjoy the steam release of sweet scents! Place away from direct water flow & enjoy the mist release of essential oils. For lasting results, leave Steamer in a soap dish. Enjoy them beyond your shower too! Place a Steamer in a bowl, drizzle small amount of water. Enjoy the activated aromatherapy scents. Bonus, all our essential oil combinations serve a purpose- to calm, boost or breath better! See below... 


  • BREATHE SHOWER STEAMERS: Eucalyptus & Peppermint Essential Oils. Excellent for colds and sinuses.
  • REVIVE SHOWER STEAMERS: Lemon, Lime & Orange Essential Oils. The citrus oils wake up your senses in the morning.
  • CALM SHOWER STEAMERS: Lavender Essential Oils. Perfect way to calm your mind before bed.

SHOWERS STEAMERS create special spa moments!