LAMBERT | The Ada tote in black

LAMBERT | The Ada tote in black

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Lambert vegan leather tote bags are designed for those who appreciate chic, practical and minimalist bags. All Lambert bags are designed in Quebec and PETA certified. At the heart of the Lambert creations design is a promise of quality and respect for ethical and sustainable standards. Our tote bags include the Sidney and the Stella, to benefit the Children’s Wish Foundation.

The ADA is worn in one way:

  1. As a handbag (on the shoulder)


What makes the ADA unique:

  1. Its minimalist and chic look
  2. Its flexibility and storage capacity
  3. Its many integrated Pockets 
  4. Back pocket closed with magnet
  5. 2 Shoulder handles
  6. 2 Elastic pocket
  7. 1 Keyholder
  8. 1 Zipper pocket