Wolf & Pine - Dry Shampoo - Sloppy Head

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Life's too short to waste it on cumbersome tasks like showering before work. This dry shampoo will make you fine in half the time. Maybe you can marry rich and end this whole morning routine thing once and for all. Crafted with horsetail and rosemary to promote hair thickness.

Help your lazy ass sop up the greasies while nourishing your scalp. Made with herbal compounds and minerals to promote hair growth and thickness. Great for adding volume to hair naturally.

Contains 12x the amount of conventional aerosol dry shampoo.

Ideal for all hair colours.

120 g | aluminum shaker

How to Use :

Slowly sprinkle on root of hair. Massage in to blend. For best results, use at night before bed. Can be applied with powder brush.

Dark hair babes should massage a little more to ensure proper blending.